Bactroban: Uses And Benefits

Active Ingredient and Synonyms
The active ingredient in Bactroban is mupirocin. It is also known by the following synonyms: Bactroban, Bactroban Nasal, Centany, Centany AT, Centany AT Kit, Centany Kit, Centany Ointment, Centany Topical, Centasone, Centasone-A, Centasone-A Kit, Centasone-A Ointment, Centasone-A Topical, Centasone-A1, Centasone-A1 Kit, Centasone-A1 Ointment, Centasone-A1 Topical, Centasone-A2, Centasone-A2 Kit, Centasone-A2 Ointment, Centasone-A2 Topical, Centasone-A3, Centasone-A3 Kit, Centasone-A3 Ointment, Centasone-A3 Topical, Centasone-A4, Centasone-A4 Kit, Centasone-A4 Ointment, Centasone-A4 Topical, Centasone-A5, Centasone-A5 Kit, Centasone-A5 Ointment, Centasone-A5 Topical, Centasone-A6, Centasone-A6 Kit, Centasone-A6 Ointment, Centasone-A6 Topical, Centasone-A7, Centasone-A7 Kit, Centasone-A7 Ointment, Centasone-A7 Topical, Centasone-A8, Centasone-A8 Kit, Centasone-A8 Ointment, Centasone-A8 Topical, Centasone-A9, Centasone-A9 Kit, Centasone-A9 Ointment, Centasone-A9 Topical, Centasone-B, Centasone-B Kit, Centasone-B Ointment, Centasone-B Topical, Centasone-B1, Centasone-B1 Kit, Centasone-B1 Ointment, Centasone-B1 Topical, Centasone-B2, Centasone-B2 Kit, Centasone-B2 Ointment, Centasone-B2 Topical, Centasone-B3, Centasone-B3 Kit, Centasone-B3 Ointment, Centasone-B3 Topical, Centasone-B4, Centasone-B4 Kit, Centasone-B4 Ointment, Centasone-B4 Topical, Centasone-B5, Centasone-B5 Kit, Centasone-B5 Ointment, Centasone-B5 Topical, Centasone-B6, Centasone-B6 Kit, Centasone-B6 Ointment, Centasone-B6 Topical, Centasone-B7, Centasone-B7 Kit, Centasone-B7 Ointment, Centasone-B7 Topical, Centasone-B8, Centasone-B8 Kit, Centasone-B8 Ointment, Centasone-B8 Topical, Centasone-B9, Centasone-B9 Kit, Centasone-B9 Ointment, Centasone-B9 Topical, Centasone-C, Centasone-C Kit, Centasone-C Ointment, Centasone-C Topical, Centasone-C1, Centasone-C1 Kit, Centasone-C1 Ointment, Centasone-C1 Topical, Centasone-C2, Centasone-C2 Kit, Centasone-C2 Ointment, Centasone-C2 Topical, Centasone-C3, Centasone-C3 Kit, Centasone-C3 Ointment, Centasone-C3 Topical, Centasone-C4, Centasone-C4 Kit, Centasone-C4 Ointment, Centasone-C4 Top

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